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It mainly produces sugar machinery, chemical equipment and pressure vessels and other light industrial machinery products, and can undertake the construction and expansion of large-scale complete sets of sugar equipment projects, and also produces microbial fermentation equipment series
  • Raw material pretreatment

    Raw material pretreatment

    Cane weighing platform, cane feeding platform, mast unloading machine, hydraulic turning machine, auxiliary cane conveying machine, cane sand removal device, cane conveying machine, cane knife machine, heavy pendulum cane tearing machine, fast tape machine

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  • 提汁


    High slot, lower feed roller, high efficiency lower feed roller, double roll feeder, inclined press, constant ratio press, flat press, rake type conveyor, square coupling, universal coupling, flexible coupling, roller juice screen, exudator

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  • Clarification filtration

    Clarification filtration

    Heater, flash tank, quick settler, vacuum filter, vacuum filter without filter cloth, sulfur smoke neutralizer, neutralizing reactor, lime eliminator

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  • Evaporation concentration

    Evaporation concentration

    TWX evaporator, TBZ evaporator, Kestner evaporator, falling film evaporator, plate evaporator, syrup rising system, automatic syrup filter, pipe type high efficiency juice catcher, high efficiency condenser

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  • 煮糖


    Intermittent crystallizing tank, forced circulation crystallizing tank, continuous crystallizing tank, intermittent horizontal crystallizing machine, seed box, sugar paste mixing machine, continuous vertical crystallizing machine, sugar paste reheater, sugar paste distribution tank

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  • Sugar formation, drying and cooling

    Sugar formation, drying and cooling

    TBS automatic batch centrifuge, automatic continuous centrifuge roller drying (cooling) machine, vibrating fluid dryer, fluidized bed drying and cooling machine, vibrating conveyor, sugar screening machine

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  • Sugar refining equipment

    Sugar refining equipment

    Sugar disintegrator, CO2 filling tank, flue gas scrubber, automatic diaphragm filter press, rotary filter, candle filter, sugar plate evaporation system, drying and cooling machine, Gengma flexible coupling, Jingzhen crystallization tank, Jingzhen coordinated press, Mengbao evaporation tank installation, Meng Province high efficiency down roll

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