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It mainly produces sugar machinery, chemical equipment and pressure vessels and other light industrial machinery products, and can undertake the construction and expansion of large-scale complete sets of sugar equipment projects, and also produces microbial fermentation equipment series

Message from chairman

Message from chairman

  Time flows, there is always a history of inheritance and accumulation;The glory of The Times requires the guidance and call of innovation。

  Kunming Klin Light Industry Machinery Co., LTD., formerly known as Kunming Light Industry Machinery Factory, was founded in 1969 and was formerly affiliated to the Ministry of Light Industry of the State。After two restructurings, Klin adheres to the strategic policy of "innovation as the driving force, technology as the guide, quality as life, service as the purpose, and engineering projects to drive the comprehensive development of enterprises", and strives to create a new chapter in development。Now, Klin Light Industry is a diversified business, cross-regional development, professional cooperation group enterprise, or a research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services as one of the high-tech enterprises recognized by the state。

  The xing of Kling begins with continuous progress;Kling's strength comes from pioneering and innovation;Kling's strength lies in grasping the big picture。Looking back at the wind and rain of the past 50 years, it is a magnificent picture of the process of "hard entrepreneurship", and it is a historical monument of the spirit of "overcoming difficulties and forging ahead"。

  In 2002, affected by the market and restructuring, the company entered the trough and was on the verge of bankruptcy。The Creans insist on "putting people first,The purpose of building an international Kun light machine,Adhere to the "responsible, pragmatic, innovative" work policy,Not afraid of difficulties,Fight hard,We will forge ahead by seizing opportunities and responding to challenges,It has not only vigorously promoted the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises,And keep the business going,Make the production and management situation has undergone a fundamental change,Turn losses into profits。

  Over the next decade or so,The company is committed to the development of every link in the sugar industry,Adhere to scientific and technological innovation,Step up research and development,The combination of independent research and development and technology introduction,Completed a large number of sugar production new equipment, new technology, new technology research and development,Continuously enhance the overall technical strength of sugar production line equipment, process, control, engineering construction and so on,Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises,To provide domestic and foreign sugar industry users from single manufacturing, complete equipment supply, technical support,To sugar engineering construction and project operation and management of a full range of services,To realize the business transformation from single-machine manufacturing and complete equipment supply to sugar plant construction,The annual output value and sales revenue of the enterprise have been developed from tens of millions in the initial stage of restructuring to more than seven billion,Gradually walked out of a self-breakthrough, self-development of long-term road。

  Klin Light Industry combines technological innovation with independent research and development and technology introduction,The equipment has been large-scale, serialized and automated,Has formed "large and complete,Small but fine "product system,With the overall technical strength and advantages to participate in domestic and foreign sugar machine market competition,To become a leading domestic sugar machine manufacturer and an internationally renowned sugar machine manufacturer。

  In 2015, the company began to turn its attention to the field of environmental protection, through years of accumulation and practice, has developed a full set of organic waste decomposition and treatment equipment, which can meet the needs of the whole industry chain from household processing 2kg of kitchen waste per day to large cantons or vegetable processing plants processing 10T of organic waste per day。

  Looking back at the development process of 50 years, it is inseparable from the hard work of the founders, and it is inseparable from the hard work of every Klin people。Klin Light Industry has always followed the national development strategy, focusing on the people's livelihood and serving the society as its own responsibility。In recent years,Enterprises donated more than 4 million yuan for poverty alleviation in poor areas, counties and schools;The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world in 2020,Kling Light Industry pays close attention to public health,Care deeply for people's needs,Donated epidemic prevention materials to Wuhua District People's Hospital, Fumin County Health Bureau and Yunnan Provincial Epidemic Prevention Headquarters,We have shouldered our due social responsibilities。

  A hundred years of accumulation, now flourishing。Looking back on the past 50 years, we are proud and gratified, and looking forward to the future, we are full of expectations and confidence。In the journey ahead,The company's party and government leadership will unite and lead all workers,Deep understanding of the market situation,We will strengthen our sense of crisis and mission,Firmly establish that "accelerate development unswervingly,Pioneering and innovative non-stop "faith,Together we work,Resist risk,Overcome difficulties,Forge ahead,For the enterprise to achieve new leapfrog, new development and strive!

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