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Klin Light Industry to carry out the second Dongchuan district rural revitalization support work investigation

Klin Light Industry to carry out the second Dongchuan district rural revitalization support work investigation

根据On July 25 and 26, 2023, Lin Light Industry helped Dongchuan District rural revitalization work symposium, Liu Dong's speech spirit and Secretary Long Gang's suggestions and requirements,8月30、31日,Yang Guowu, chief supervisor of the company, and Li Ke, secretary of the chairman, formed a research team to carry out research and investigation in Dongchuan District,Designed to validate project implementation assumptions,Implementation of the project landing specific work。

In Dongchuan district Tubuka town Party secretary Li Hua,Li Jun, chairman of the National People's Congress,Publicity committee member Carrie Luo,Organizing committee member Zhang Xuemei,Project Director Li Jiahang,Shuju Village Party branch secretary Jiang Shunchang and other leaders accompanied,The research team of the company visited the memorial Hall of the Long March of the Shuorange Red Army in Shuju Village, Shuju Village, the traditional handmade small bowl brown sugar workshop, the brown sugar workshop financed by the Tubuka Town government, and the vocational adult education and training center of Dongchuan District,Sun Yan, Chairman of Dongchuan District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Shu Tingkang, director of the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, discussed and exchanged views。

Trees orange red army crossing

Red Army Long March Memorial five-star square

Jinsha River Shuorange ferry headquarters

Tree orange red Army crossing Long March memorial hall

Traditional handmade brown sugar workshop in Shuju Village

The brown sugar plant financed by the Towka town government to expand has not yet been put into production

Talk with leaders of vocational adult education and training center of Dongchuan District

 Through these two research and inspection activities, the company conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the local government and the masses, and also got positive and effective feedback from all parties, which clarified the Klin Light IndustryThe "Ten thousand enterprises revitalizing ten thousand villages" helps the challenges, work and direction of efforts in the rural revitalization work of Dongchuan District, laying the foundation for further strengthening the coordination and precision of the follow-up work。下一个,The company will combine the local characteristics of Dongchuan District, the advantages of the company and the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce of Yunnan Province,Follow the instructions of Liu Dong and Dongchuan District to carry out in-depth cooperation and assistance,Fully promote the glorious action and the implementation of the tasks of "ten thousand enterprises thriving ten thousand villages",For Dongchuan economic and social high-quality development and comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization to contribute a small force。

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