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Sugarcane unloading and conveying system

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The sugarcane self-unloading and conveying system is composed of hydraulic turning machine and auxiliary sugarcane conveying machine。The hydraulic turning machine can be set on one side, both sides or end of the auxiliary cane conveying machine, the number of turning machines depends on the scale of the sugar factory, usually a turning machine unloading capacity can match 3000 tons of daily press。The carrying capacity of the hydraulic tilting machine can be designed according to the vehicle conditions, and almost any type of car can be unloaded, and is not limited by the load capacity。The system of unloading sugarcane by tilting machine is suitable for harvesting short cane by machine and harvesting long cane by hand

● Strong adaptability to the shape of sugarcane, supporting auxiliary conveyor with sand removal device, suitable for mechanical harvesting and grasping machine loading silt content。

● Fast and efficient, about 3 minutes to unload a car of sugarcane;The hydraulic unit is safe and reliable, less maintenance work。

● Save a lot of cane unloading workers and carders, the console in the operation room centrally controls all the turning machine。

● Save a lot of wire rope, reduce the safety hazards caused by the mixed flow of people and vehicles in the sugarcane mill。

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