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Double roller feeder, press direct transmission system -

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Suspension independent drive system, is an advanced drive form, can replace the traditional reduction gear drive system, used in the two-roll feeder and press drive, can improve the performance of equipment, improve production efficiency。

The suspension independent drive system is composed of an electric motor (DC or AC frequency conversion), a suspended planetary reducer, a torque arm, a reducer lubrication system, and a motor speed regulation system。The motor and the planetary reducer are integrated into one, which is directly installed on each press roller, and drives the rotation of the press roller through the DC or AC speed regulation square。

In contrast to the transmission system of traditional two-roll feeders and presses, the suspended independent drive system does not require a square shaft coupling or flexible coupling between the reducer and the two-roll feeders and presses, and no three-star gear is required at the press roll end。

The suspension independent drive system has the characteristics of short transmission chain, high transmission efficiency, low failure rate and compact structure。

● Due to the cancellation of the coupling between the reducer and the two-roll feeder and the press and the three-star gear at the end of the press roller, the entire drive system is more compact, the transmission equipment is reduced, the fault point is reduced, the wearing parts are reduced, the transmission safety is higher, and the maintenance cost is lower。

● Suspended independent drive system covers a small area, and does not need a separate motor and reducer foundation, the press workshop can be designed more narrow, saving the press workshop and press machinery, reducer civil construction costs。

● The hanging independent drive system drives each press roller independently, and each press roller can be set at different speeds separately。The sugar factory can control the speed of each press roll according to the production needs, so that the speed control of the press is more accurate, which is conducive to the sugar cane rolling and sugar extraction, in order to achieve the best press performance。

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