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Mast unloader system

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It is composed of mast crane, cane feeding platform and water washing system. The cane feeding platform is arranged on both sides of the main conveyor, the mast crane is installed at the tail of the cane feeding platform and the sugarcane transport vehicle road is left between the cane feeding platform and the cane feeding platform, and the water washing system is installed in the climbing section of the cane feeding platform。The sugar cane transport vehicle will drive between the mast crane and the sugarcane feeding platform, and the mast hanger will connect the hook with the side hanging point of the sugarcane transport vehicle through the hydraulic push rod, and then the hydraulic cylinder traction hook will rise to realize the rolover of the sugarcane transport vehicle bucket, and the sugarcane will roll over into the rear tank of the sugarcane feeding platform。 Then the tail sugarcane is transported to the main sugarcane conveying machine by the chain of the sugarcane feeding platform. In the process of sugarcane conveying, the sugarcane is sprayed and cleaned by the spray pipe to remove the sediment contained in the sugarcane。

● The mast unloading system is suitable for towed sugarcane transport vehicles, which can realize the unloading needs of machine harvesting sugarcane and manual cutting sugarcane。

● The washing system can effectively remove the sand in the cane, so as to reduce the influence of sand on the cane knife, roll sleeve, comb plate and boiler。

● The whole system has compact structure, convenient operation, low fault rate and easy maintenance。

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